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Coaching Programs

BridgeWise Coaching can be a trusted partner in carving your career path, honing leadership skills, nurturing your small business, and navigating life’s challenges. Our unique, conversational approach is tailored to your personal journey.

Life Coaching

Life is a journey with ups and downs. At BridgeWise Coaching, we offer life coaching services to help you navigate through life’s challenges, build resilience, make informed decisions, and live a fulfilling life. We provide you with tools and techniques to handle stress, build resilience, and maintain a positive outlook.

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Career Coaching

At BridgeWise Coaching, we believe in empowering individuals to reach their career goals. Whether it’s career advancement, a midlife career change, or career placement, our career coaching service is designed to help you understand your strengths, identify your passions, and plan your next career move. We guide you in a conversational manner, making the process more engaging and less intimidating.

Are you several years into the career you started in and discovering it no longer feels fulfilling and joyful? Have you realized a new passion or maybe wanting to follow that dream you gave up on for some reason? Our founder, Dan Miller, spent over 20 years in corporate accounting before realizing his passion and desire to work more closely with people. He transitioned his career into human resources over 15 years ago and it has been one of the most liberating decisions he’s ever made. We understand how considering a mid-life career change can be extremely scary, but we can attest to it being worth every effort to make it happen! Schedule your complimentary initial consultation to share your thoughts and gain valuable perspective from someone who understands.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership is not just about managing people or teams; it’s about inspiring and motivating everyone around you to reach their full potential whether you manage them or not. Our leadership coaching program focuses on helping you to understand yourself and build confidence in your unique leadership style so it can be used as influentially as possible, leveraging your time and overall effectiveness.

Are you trying to grow a small business but too busy handling all your day-to-day demands? Need help leveraging your time and efforts so you can have more free time while revenue is still being generated? We can work through a discovery process with you as a small business leader that can result in your desired outcomes.

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Schedule a Consultation

Are you ready to take the next step in your career, business, or life journey? Contact us now to start your journey with BridgeWise Coaching. We’re excited to partner with you on this journey toward success and fulfillment.